Endoscopy E-Videos (former Cases and Techniques Library)

E-Videos (former Cases and Techniques Library)

E-Videos is an online section of the journal Endoscopy, reporting on interesting cases and new techniques in gastroenterological endoscopy. All papers include a high-quality video and are freely accessible online.

You can find all E-Videos here.

2022 will see an important change to Endoscopy’s E-Video section: with the ever-growing demand for this format and the steady rise of open access as an important publication mode, E-Videos will be published open access in the future. Benefits for authors include retaining full copyright of their publication and experiencing faster impact of their research as others can quickly built on their findings.

E-Video papers submitted on or after 1 January 2022 and accepted for publication will be subject to the regular open access article processing charge (APC) of Endoscopy, albeit with a significant discount for a total of EUR 375 per E-Video paper. All E-Videos will be published with a Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Endoscopy E-Videos qualify for HINARI discounts and waivers and eligibility is automatically checked during the submission process. A full list of countries participating in HINARI can be found at https://www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/


Here are this month's E-Videos:

A novel endoscopic technique for closure of two gastro-gastric fistulas in a single session using an endoscopic helix tacking device
Lidor Akavia, Iris Dotan, Gerard Aguila et al.

Direct large flow of venous gas into right atrium and ventricle during endoscopic biliary treatment
Koki Hoshi, Keiichi Tominaga, Naoya Izawa et al.

Underwater endoloop-assisted endoscopic resection for colorectal pedunculated polyps
Shunsuke Yamamoto, Adolfo Parra-Blanco

 Cold-snare endoscopic mucosal resection of large duodenal laterally spreading tumors: is cold the future gold standard?                                                                                                                          Sophie Geyl, Marion Schaefer, Mathieu Pioche et al.

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided transportal cholangiography and jejunoduodenostomy to facilitate through-the-stent ERCP and transmural gallbladder drainage in Roux-en-Y gastrectomy
Qiang Zhang, Zhen Wang

​Do you have any interesting clinical cases you would like to share with the wider Endoscopy community?

Submit your case along with an accompanying video via the E-Video section at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/e-videos.

To view the Instructions for Authors of E-Videos, please click here.

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