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Current Issue: December 2020

Endoscopic submucosal dissection with additional radiotherapy in the treatment of T1a esophageal squamous cell cancer: randomized controlled Trial

by Yuhang Zhang, Ling Liu, Qiming Wang et al.

This small randomized controlled trial showed that adjunctive radiotherapy following endoscopic submucosal dissection of T1a esophageal squamous cell carcinoma improved 3-year recurrence-free survival (100% vs. 85.3%; P=0.04).

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Diagnostic yield of early repeat colonoscopy after suboptimal bowel preparation in a fecal immunochemical test-based screening program

by Sandra Baile-Maxía, Carolina Mangas-Sanjuan, Lucía Medina-Prado et al.

Fecal immunochemical test-positive patients with suboptimal bowel preparation in a colorectal screening program were found to have a high rate of adenomas and advanced adenomas on early (within 1 year) repeat colonoscopy, with consequent changes to follow-up recommendations. Early repeat colonoscopy is therefore suggested in patients with a Boston Bowel Preparation Scale score of 1 in any colonic segment on screening colonoscopy.

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Imaging alternatives to colonoscopy: CT colonography and colon capsule. European Society ofGastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) Guideline – Update 2020

by Cristiano Spada, Cesare Hassan, Davide Bellini et al.

This Guideline from ESGE and ESGAR addresses the clinical indications for the two primary imaging alternatives to colonoscopy, namely CT colonography and colon capsule endoscopy. The main focus is on incomplete colonoscopy, especially in organized screening programs, as well as on the potential of these techniques in those for whom colonoscopy is not indicated or not acceptable. Finally, work-up strategies according to the findings from these noninvasive modalities are considered.

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