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Current Issue: July 2020

A prospective, randomized trial of thrombin versus cyanoacrylate injection in the control of acute gastric variceal hemorrhage

by Gin-Ho Lo, Chih-Wen Lin, Chi-Ming Tai et al.

Randomized trial in 68 patients with acute gastric variceal bleeding showing no difference in the successful hemostasis rate between endoscopic injection of thrombin or cyanoacrylate glue. However, complications and post-injection ulcers were more frequent following glue injection, suggesting advantages for thrombin in the treatment of bleeding gastric varices.

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Clinical utility of ESGE and ASGE guidelines for prediction of suspected choledocholithiasis in patients undergoing cholecystectomy

by Nitin Jagtap, Yashavanth HS, Manu Tandan et al.

Study comparing ESGE and ASGE risk stratification for predicting choledocholithiasis. Although the specificity and positive predictive value of risk stratification by ESGE criteria was slightly better than that by ASGE criteria, both guidelines appear excellent for predicting choledocholithiasis.

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by Bas L. A. M. Weusten, Maximilien Barret, Albert J. Bredenoord et al.

Therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopy is rapidly evolving, with an increasing role in the management of motility disorders of the digestive tract. This ESGE Guideline aims to provide guidance on various aspects of the endoscopic management of six clinical conditions: Zenker's diverticulum, achalasia, GERD, gastroparesis, intractable constipation, and Ogilvie's syndrome. In this second of two parts, recommendations are made on the type and technical details of endoscopic treatment of Zenker's diverticulum, GERD, intractableconstipation, and Ogilvie's syndrome.

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