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ESGE Days 2019
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Current Issue: September 2019

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided liver biopsy using a 22-G fine biopsy needle: a prospective study 

by Muhammad K. Hasan, Kambiz Kadkhodayan, Evgeny Idrisov et al.

Efficacy and safety study evaluating a 22-G EUS biopsy needle for performing EUS-guided liver biopsy in 40 patients referred for evaluation of elevated liver enzymes. Whereas tissue acquisition was adequate in all patients, a specific diagnosis was established in about half of all patients.


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Comparison between a rotatable sphincterotome and a conventional sphincterotome for selective bile duct cannulation

by Akira Kurita, Yasushi Kudo, Kenichi Yoshimura et al.

Randomized study comparing a rotatable sphincterotome with a conventional sphincterotome showing that for ERCP trainees the type of sphincterotome does not make selective biliary cannulation of a native papilla more likely, and there was no difference in adverse events.

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Endoscopic management of polyposis syndromes: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Guideline

Monique E. van Leerdam, Victorine H. Roos, Jeanin E. van Hooft et al.

Patients with polyposis syndrome are at high risk of developing gastrointestinal malignancies. This Guideline aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the management options for endoscopic surveillance and interventions for the most important polyposis syndromes.

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