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ESGE Days 2019
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Current Issue: August 2019

Video Comment – Lasse Pedersen on "Risk of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer in Denmark: time trends and comparison with Sweden and the English National Health Service"

by Lasse Pedersen, Roland Valori, Inge Bernstein et al.

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Video Comment – Arne Bleijenberg on "Implications of different guidelines for surveillance after serrated polyp resection in United States of America and Europe"

by Arne Bleijenberg, Dagmar Klotz, Magnus Løberg et al.

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Video Comment – Javier Sola-Vera on "Cuff-assisted versus cap-assisted colonoscopy for adenoma detection: results of a randomized study"

by Javier Sola-Vera, Lourdes Cataláet al. 

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