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Current Issue: October 2020

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided tissue acquisition with or without macroscopic on-site evaluation: randomized controlled trial

by Charing C. N. Chong, Sundeep Lakhtakia, Nam Nguyen et al.

Fig. 2 Flow in handling of specimens in the macroscopic on-site evaluation arm. The macroscopic visible core (MVC; Bottle 1),paste-like material (Bottle 2), and liquid material (Bottle 3) were sent separately for analysis.



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Colonoscopy later than 270 days in a fecal immunochemical test based population screening program is associated with higher prevalence of colorectal cancer

by Manuel Zorzi, Cesare Hassan, Giulia Capodaglio et al.

Fig. 2 Detection of colorectal cancer, high risk adenoma, and low risk adenoma, according to the waiting time for colonoscopy after a positive fecal immunochemical test result.


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Curriculum for optical diagnosis training in Europe: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Position Statement

by Evelien Dekker, Britt B. S. L. Houwen, Ignasi Puig et al.

Fig. 1 A summary of the optical diagnosis training performance principles.
A, pre-adoption requirements; B, training/learning steps; C1, achieving competence;
C2, maintaining competence.







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Now new in Endoscopy: Art in endoscopy - "Interstellar wormhole"

Fig. 1 Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia, with digital contrast enhancement
by Săftoiu Adrian

"Art in endoscopy"is an initiative of four gastroenterologists in training that aims to display examples of the incidentally beautiful images that are sometimes encountered in regular endoscopic practice.

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Risk of recurrence when cutting into intramucosal (pT1a) cancer from the cutting-plane side during gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection


by Hiroko Nakahira, Takashi Kanesaka, Noriya Uedo et al.


Fig. 2c Resected specimen after ESD. The arrow indicates a hole in the specimen.

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Complication risk despite preventive endoscopic measures in patients undergoing endoscopic mucosal resection of large duodenal adenomas

by Andreas Probst, Simone Freund, Lukas Neuhaus et al.

Fig. 1 Endoscopic mucosal resection procedure for a nonampullary adenoma (diameter 40mm) in the second part of the duodenum.
a White-light endoscopy.
b Piecemeal resection.
c Coagulation of visible vessels.
d Clipping of visible vessels.

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Endoscopic retrograde transabdominal ultrasound-guided bile duct drainage during COVID-19 pandemic


by Klaus Mönkemüller, Peter Rauh, Steffen Rickes


Fig. 1 Endoscopic retrograde transabdominal ultrasound-guided bile duct drainage.

a Transabdominal ultrasound showing a dilated common bile duct with pus and sludge (yellow arrow).
b Balloon (yellow arrow) inside the massively dilated common bile duct.

c Massive amounts of pus being removed from the bile duct.
d Plastic stent in situ.

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