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Current Issue: August 2020

Gastroesophageal reflux disease after peroral endoscopic myotomy is unpredictable, but responsive to proton pump inhibitor therapy: a large, single-center study

by Zaheer Nabi, Mohan Ramchandani, Rama Kotla et al.

Prospective analysis on 167 patients with achalasia treated by peroral endoscopicmyotomy. Erosive esophagitis and abnormal acid exposure were present in almost half of patients, although only 29% had symptoms. Most patients responded to proton pump inhibitors, and no risk factors for the development of gastroesophageal reflux disease were identified.

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Laparoscopy-assisted versus balloon enteroscopy-assisted ERCP after Roux-en-Y gastric Bypass

by Christer Julseth Tønnesen, Juliet Young, Tom Glomsaker et al.

Balloon enteroscopy-assisted ERCP and laparoscopy-assisted ERCP were compared in 79 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients. As rates of procedure success (72.5% vs. 87.2%), adverse events (18% vs. 28%), and serious adverse events (2.5% vs. 7.7%) were not different, the choice of procedure should be based on patient characteristics and available physician competence.

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by Cesare Hassan, Giulio Antonelli, Jean-Marc Dumonceau et al.

The updated 2020 ESGE Guideline on post-polypectomy surveillance is mainly based on long-term data on risks of colorectal cancer incidence and mortality, rather than on the risk of metachronous advanced neoplasia which was the basis of the 2013 Guideline. The various categories of polyp-Bearing patients are therefore now differently distributed between the low and high risk groups, as those with 1 to 4 adenomas <10mm with low grade dysplasia or with villous components are categorized as low risk. This update should facilitate a more conservative and efficient use of limited endoscopic resources.

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