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Endoscopy Essentials

Reviews in the Endoscopy Essential series cite publications from the past year which, in the author's opinion, reflect the state-of-the-art in endoscopy. Alongside a short summary of each paper, authors explain why they consider their selected articles to be of importance.

Endoscopy essentials 2014

Neumann, Helmut; Neurath, Markus F.: Colonoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease
Lo, Angeline O. S.; Lau, James Y. W.: Gastrointestinal bleeding
East, James E.; Leedham, Simon J.: Colonoscopy, tumors
Vleggaar, Frank P.; Siersema, Peter D.: Upper gastrointestinal tumors
Diaz-Tobar, Claudia P.; Fry, Lucia C.; Mönkemüller, Klaus: Small-bowel endoscopy
Toussaint, Emmanuel; Arvanitakis, Marianna: ERCP
Barthet, Marc; Vanbiervliet, Geoffroy; Gonzalez, Jean-Michel: Innovation and NOTES
Iglesias-Garcia, Julio; Lariño-Noia, Jose; Domínguez-Muñoz, J. Enrique: Endoscopic ultrasound

Endoscopy essentials 2013

Perez-Miranda, M.; Vila, J. J.; De la Serna-Higuera, C.: Endoscopic ultrasound
Kaminski, M. F.; Regula, J.: Colonoscopy, tumors
Künzli, H. T.; Weusten, B. L. A. M.: Upper gastrointestinal tumors
Arvanitakis, M.; Le Moine, O.: ERCP
Hui, A. J.; Sung, J. J. Y.: Gastrointestinal bleeding

Endoscopy essentials 2012

Dumonceau, J.-M.; Riphaus, A.; Wehrmann, T.: Preparation, sedation, and monitoring

Endoscopy essentials 2011

Riphaus, A.; Wehrmann, T.: Sedation and preparation
Crockett, S. D.; Shaheen, N. J.: Reflux and Barrett’s disease
Gleeson, F. C.; Levy, M. J.: Endoscopic ultrasound
Teshima, C. W.; Mensink, P. B.: Small-bowel endoscopy

Endoscopy essentials 2010

Dore, M. P.; Graham, D. Y.: Ulcers and gastritis
Mannath, J.; Ragunath, K.: Reflux and Barrett’s disease

Endoscopy essentials 2009

Mönkemüller, K.; Olano, C.; Fry, L. C.; Malfertheiner, P.: Small-bowel endoscopy
Eisendrath, P.; Le Moine, O.: Gastrointestinal bleeding
Bisschops, R.; Demedts, I.: Reflux and Barrett’s disease
Fumex, F.; Ponchon, T.: ERCP – Pancreatic

Endoscopy essentials 2008

Jin, J.; Rosen, M.; Ponsky, J.: Minimally invasive surgery 2006 - 2007
Dumonceau, J.-M.: Biliary ERCP

Endoscopy essentials 2007

Robinson, T. N.; Stiegmann, G. V.: Minimally invasive surgery
Cipolletta, L.; Rotondano, G.; Bianco, M. A.: Gastrointestinal bleeding
Fusaroli, P.; Caletti, G.: Endoscopic ultrasonography

Endoscopy essentials 2006

Gay, G.; Delvaux, M.: Small-Bowel Endoscopy
Leung, W. K.; Chan, F. K. L.; Graham, D. Y.: Ulcers and Gastritis