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ESGE Days 2019
Find the ESGE Days abstracts here (full PDF) or here (individual contributions)

Endoscopy E-Videos (former Cases and Techniques Library)

All E-Videos and cases are now also hosted on our eRef platform. You can find all E-Videos of each issue or even each volume here.

Here are this month's E-videos:

Endoscopic transcecal appendectomy  by Xiang-lei Yuan, Onpan Cheung, Jiang Du et al.

Endoscopic full-thickness resection with omental patch closure for a gastric stromal tumor in the gastric cardia by Tossapol Kerdsirichairat, Kia Vosoughi, Yervant Ichkhanian et al.

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided injection of N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate into portal venous collateral vessels that were feeding bleeding duodenal varices by Ingo Wallstabe, Marlen Zurek, Christian Geyer et al.

A case of successful full-thickness resection using endoscopic submucosal dissection and transanal suturing of rectal cancer by Satoshi Ono, Ryosuke Kobayashi, Shun Ito et al.

Endoscopic radial incision combined with dexamethasone therapy for stricture of the esophagus caused by Crohn's disease by Yan Jia, Cheng Chen, Peng Jin et al.

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