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Current Issue August 2017

Submucosal fibrosis in achalasia patients is a rare cause of aborted peroral endoscopic myotomy procedures  (FREE ACCESS)

Qiu-Ning Wu, Xiao-Yue Xu, Xiao-Cen Zhang et al.

In a series of 1693 patients who underwent peroral endoscopic myotomy, the authors report that less than 1% of procedures could not be completed, and this was mainly due to the presence of submucosal fibrosis.

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Patient-reported adverse events after colonoscopy in Norway  (FREE ACCESS)

Geir Hoff, Thomas de Lange, Michael Bretthauer et al.

This population-based study examined patient-reported adverse events taken from more than 11 000 procedures that were accompanied by a patient feedback report. The free-text reports identified 29 additional severe adverse events and increased the total number of such events from 6 to 35 – a 6-fold increase. This study shows the importance of patient feedback to capture adverse events after colonoscopy that are not easily disclosed otherwise.

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Adenoma detection with blue-water infusion colonoscopy: a randomized trial  (FREE ACCESS)

Adriane Lesne, Olivier Rouquette, Sandrine Touzet et al.

This multicenter randomized trial from France with 1065 patients compared water infusion colonoscopy with and without indigo carmine. Although more adenomas (primarily diminutive) were found in the blue-water group, the adenoma and advanced adenoma detection rates were not different.

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