Current Issue June 2018

Delineation of the extent of early gastric cancer by magnifying narrow-band imaging and chromoendoscopy: a multicenter randomized controlled trial (FREE ACCESS)

Takashi Nagahama, Kenshi Yao, Noriya Uedo et al.

Accurate delineation of the margins of early gastric cancer (EGC) is critical to achieve curative resection. In a large study of 343 patients with EGC, no differences were detected between chromoendoscopy and magnifying narrow-band imaging, with accurate delineation rates of 86% and 88%, respectively.

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A double-reprocessing high-level disinfection protocol does not eliminate positive cultures from the elevators of duodenoscopes (FREE ACCESS)

Douglas K. Rex, Marnie Sieber, Glen A. Lehman et al.

Single-center study evaluating the impact of various modifications to duodenoscope cleaning regimens, including new brushes, change in personnel, and double high-level disinfection reprocessing. These changes reduced the culture rates, but did not eliminate known pathogens, from the duodenoscope elevator.

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Early removal of biflanged metal stents in the management of pancreatic walled-off necrosis: a prospective study (FREE ACCESS)

Vinay Dhir, Douglas G. Adler, Ankit Dalal et al.

Prospective study evaluating 88 symptomatic patients with pancreatic walled-off necrosis (WON) managed with endoscopic ultrasound-guided placement of a biflanged metal stent (BFMS). All BFMSs were removed after a median of 3.5 weeks, following healing of the WON cavity. Placement of pancreatic duct stents may not improve the outcome.

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